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Regardless of what your idea of first class is - whether it is flying first class or being able to take mini "retirements" with your family - being an entrepreneur allows you to create your own economy and create your own wealth. You decide whether you ride in the front of the metaphorical plane or the back.

Tanya McCaffery

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So What’s The Book About?

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About The Author


Tanya McCaffery is a sought after speaker, author and consultant.   

She is renowned for being passionate about accounting – a topic that many business owners can tend to shy away from. Confidently teaching entrepreneurs to embrace their finances in order to further their financial goals,  Tanya’s unique approach to finance has earned her the title of “financial bodyguard” with many of her clients. She works tirelessly to further the financial success of not just her clients businesses but also their personal financial success. 

Tanya speaks to a wide variety of audiences on topics such as building your financial foundation, what every small business CEO should know about their numbers, being tax efficient as a company grows, managing cashflow and profitability for non-financial entrepreneurs and preventing theft in businesses of all sizes. 

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