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Start doing what you love 100% of the time.


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Chances are you didn't go into business to spend your free time
trying to balance the books. 

VAST offers you a high level, dedicated and experienced virtual accounting team for your business.  VAST is an ecosystem designed to empower entrepreneurs with financial information. What does this mean for you? Success. Time.  Peace of mind.

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more time to

do what you love

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Financial information

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antonio rillera

VAST is a world class operation that offers high level accounting but with the small town feel I want for my company. My VAST team goes beyond the numbers, and that's why I love VAST.

Laning Andrews

Owner of Absinthe Films

How Does It Work


Simply click here to schedule time to chat with a VAST professional about your company's accounting needs.

We'll go over things like payroll, bill pay and business goals for your company. The goal is to get a good idea about the scope of transactions and volume as well as your accounting needs. After our call, we will prepare a tailored proposal for your business.



You give the green light.

We believe in options, and that's why we included a couple different options in your customized proposal. You choose the best fit for your company and complete the acknowledgement. As soon as that's done, we get the VAST ball rolling (fast).



VAST does Triage. 

At VAST we know that business is a battlefield, and that's why we created Triage for your company. This is where we bandage damaged reconciliations, heal accounting illnesses and get you ready for the long (successful) road ahead. After Triage, your dedicated VAST department handles your accounting day in, day out.


Let's talk today!

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